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      If you’re a Steelers fan, then you’re home!.. (away from home)

      DC Steeler Nation is the official fan club for Washington, DC-area Pittsburgh Steelers fans! Join us at our official fan club bar, the Pour House (319 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20003) for gamedays. Our sponsors for the 2012 season are Miller Lite and Blue Moon. The Pour House offers beer specials for both Miller Lite and Blue Moon on gamedays.

      Want to show your Steeler pride and support a great cause?

      Shirts will be available for purchase at the Pour House on game days. To learn more, e-mail Neena@dcsteelernation.com and use the Google Map to the left for directions Home!
    • About DCSN
      About DC Steeler Nation

      The DC Steeler Nation started several years ago with a few fans, fondly referred to as the Godfather and Pour House ‘elders’, who would religiously show up at the Pour House to cheer on their favorite team - the Pittsburgh Steelers. Many were Pittsburgh transplants who had relocated to the DC area for work or play, and others, while not originally from the burgh, have a special place in their heart for the team. In those days, the Pour House was covered with Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia and the ceiling was decorated with Pittsburghese. While the bar has changed a bit in recent years, DC area fans have been coming out to the bar in droves, increasing the fan club membership to 300 people with each floor packed on gamedays!

      To learn more about the DC Steeler Nation family, view a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette video postcard here...


      Our Home Away from Home - The Pour House

      Join us at our official fan club bar, the Pour House (319 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, Washington, DC 20003) for gamedays. Come out strong decked out in your black and gold, and be ready to wave your Terrible Towels! The Pour House features three floors packed with Steelers fans and you don’t have to worry about watching the Deadskins play, because every TV is tuned in to the Steelers game! Meet other Steelers fans from The ’Burgh ’n at, and heckle the brave (or stupid) Brownies fan who tries to crash our party.

      Miller Lite and Blue Moon are our official sponsors and Steeler fans will receive discounts on Miller Lite products ($3 Miller Lite/Blue Moon Drafts and $10 Miller Lite/Blue Moon pitchers) on gamedays. Plus…we’ll reward you for drinking. Steeler fans who purchase these Miller Lite and Blue Moon gameday specials will receive raffle tickets for game day and end of season prizes!
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      Neena Kumar, President

      Neena grew up in the South Hills of Pittsburgh and remembers Three Rivers Stadium as her favorite sight as she exited the Fort Pitt Tunnels. She has been a Steelers fan since before she understood the sport of football, and swears she bleeds Black ’N Gold. Neena believes that the most excruciating moment of her adolescence was Super Bowl XXX, but watching her boys earn their fifth ring with her Pour House family a decade later helped to ease the pain. She is convinced that her “lucky” Steelers cookies made the difference, a tradition that will continue for years to come. Neena is anxiously awaiting the first kickoff of the 2012 season and looks forward to serving DC Steeler Nation again this year. Go Stillerz!
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      Jobie Germano, Vice President

      Jobie grew up in West by God Virginia!.. er... anywho... He was raised by parents that met in Greensburg Salem High School and wondered why he was the only kid he knew that had to ’read up his room ’n at’ before he could go play. He has great memories of watching Pirates’ games with Big Pap and Steeler games with Little Pap. Jobie will always be a true Steeler fan and Pittsburgh fan until the end. You won’t find many Jobie memories that top watching the Stillerz beat the Seahawks on his birthday with his family huddled around the TV together. Then again... see me this Feburary!
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      Alicia DePasquale, Vice President

      Alicia grew up in Washington PA, and has been a die hard Pittsburgh sports fan for as long as she can remember. Alicia will always be decked out in black and gold from head to toe on any given Sunday during football season and her favorite accessory is her terrible towel (naturally). After moving to DC five years ago the first order of business was finding a place to watch Steeler games and the Pour House did not disappoint. One of her favorite Pour House memories was watching the Steelers win Super Bowl XLIII with hundreds of her new Pittsburgh friends then four months later watching the Penguins bring home the Stanley Cup! Alicia is looking forward to brushing off the dust from last season and continuing on the stairway to seven!! Here We Go Steelers!
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      Ilecia Williams, Vice President

      Ilecia joined the DC Steeler Nation fan club this season as Vice President of Marketing. She will focus on attracting Steelers fans to DCSN by promoting the club’s support of the Steelers organization, its participation with designated charities and its community outreach efforts throughout the DC Metro area. Ilecia’s rookie year of residence in the Nation’s Capital was in 2002, but she originally hails from Middletown, Pennsylvania. Her love for the Steelers and the City of Pittsburgh is rooted in her Family’s proud Pennsylvania upbringing, her time as a student at the University of Pittsburgh and her early career as a national sales director with VisitPittsburgh (formerly the Greater Pittsburgh Convention and Visitors Bureau). You’re sure to spot her around town in her favorite black and gold gear, waving a Terrible Towel in one hand and toting a Steelers purse in the other yelling, “Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!!!”
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      This is a Pittsburgh Steelers fanclub site you JAGOFF!!! We have fans, NOT cheerleaders!!!

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